OLG Customer Privacy Statement - Full Version

This Privacy Statement explains what personal information is collected from customers and generally how it is used. It also explains how you can ask questions about our privacy practices. This Privacy Statement applies to personal information (see below) collected by OLG including its websites. Be aware that our websites may contain links to other websites provided and maintained exclusively by third parties not subject to this Privacy Statement. Please review the privacy policies on any external websites to determine their information handling practices.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will try to address your concerns. Please read this Privacy Statement carefully and check back periodically as we update it from time to time. By submitting your personal information to OLG, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions of this Privacy Statement.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is any information about an identifiable individual. To qualify as personal information, the information must be about the individual in a personal capacity. As a general rule, information associated with an individual in a professional, official or business capacity is not considered to be "about" the individual.

Therefore, personal information does not include the name, title, business address or telephone number of an employee of an organization.

OLG is responsible for personal information in its custody or under its control. Our employees are informed about the importance of privacy and about our Privacy Statement and related policies.

What Personal Information do we collect, and why?

We may collect personal information from you in person, over the telephone, by mail, fax or through the internet.

In general, we collect customer personal information to provide service, to promote our products and services and to operate a responsible gaming business in accordance with legal requirements.

We regularly inform you of the specific principal purpose or purposes for which we collect personal information at the time of collection. We often collect personal information:

Examples of the common types of personal information we ask customers to provide are as follows:

Specific Examples of How We Use Personal Information

Claiming a Lottery or Gaming Jackpot Prize

If you win a prize in a lottery game or at a gaming facility, we use your personal information to process, validate and investigate your claim; to publish your win for lottery promotion and integrity purposes; and to comply with game conditions, contest rules, legislation and regulations.


If you enter a contest or other promotion, we use your personal information to administer the contest or promotion including contacting, announcing and promoting prize winners.

Loyalty Programs or E-Mail Subscription Programs

Inquiries or Requests

Call Recording

We may monitor and or record your telephone discussions with our representatives for our mutual protection, to enhance customer service, for training purposes and to confirm our discussions with you.

Note: Customers who prefer not to have their calls recorded can transact business in person at our offices in Toronto or by calling our corporate office in Toronto.

Tell a Friend

You may wish to inform a friend about one of our promotions or contests. When you do, we may ask for the friend's email address. Our web service will automatically send the friend a one-time email invitation to visit the site. We only retain the friend's email address for the duration of the promotion or contest and only use it for this purpose and for the purpose of awarding the entry to the person who referred the friend, should the friend sign up. If you refer a friend to this program, we assume you do so with his or her permission.


OLG collects personal information from customers to ensure a secure and safe environment and to ensure that minors do not enter gambling sites or purchase lottery products.

Self Exclusion

OLG provides information and tools to assist in the prevention of problem gambling and to help players make informed decisions about gambling.

Self-exclusion is a voluntary program offered by OLG to people who wish to limit or stop their gambling. Participants make a written commitment to stay away from all gaming facilities in Ontario for the term of their self-exclusion and have their names removed from marketing databases. If you choose to register for self-exclusion, your personal information (including your facial image) will be collected and used to identify you in order to carry out the program.

Video Surveillance

We conduct video surveillance to ensure a secure and safe environment at all of our offices and facilities.

To whom does OLG disclose Personal Information, and why?

From time to time, the OLG engages in joint marketing activities with its business partners but the OLG does not sell personal information it collects from customers.

OLG may disclose your personal information to service providers acting on its behalf (who are contractually obligated to comply with privacy requirements) in order to perform processing and other specialized services (e.g. age verification, contest administration, deployment of e-mails, direct mailing services, website management, research and surveys, and credit card processing).

We may also disclose your personal information when authorized or required by or under the law (e.g., in order to comply with the Family Responsibility and Support Arrears Enforcement Act or the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act).

Consent and Opt-out

In general, OLG seeks consent to use your personal information for promotional purposes.

If you decide that you no longer want to receive marketing offers, you may opt-out at any time by following the unsubscribe or opt-out instructions in the marketing communication or by calling the OLG Support Centre at 1-800-387-0098.

How do we protect your Personal Information?

We protect your personal information with reasonable safeguards and security measures.

OLG maintains personal information in a combination of paper and electronic files. We take technical, contractual, administrative and physical security measures to protect your personal information.

How can you access and correct your Personal Information?

If you wish to access and update the information we have about you, please contact the OLG Support Centre at 1-800-387-0098 or the Information Access and Privacy Services at 705-946-6750. Or, if you are a Winners Circle Rewards member, you may choose to go to an OLG gaming site to update your contact information.

How to inquire about our privacy practices.

OLG encourages you to contact us with any questions or concerns you have about the privacy of your personal information collected by OLG or this Privacy Statement. If you have a question, please contact the OLG Support Centre at 1-800-387-0098. If you prefer, or if after contacting Customer Service, your concerns or questions have not been resolved to your satisfaction, you can contact OLG's Access, Information and Privacy Services at 705-946-6750.

The Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario (IPC) is the oversight body for organizations governed by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. You may contact the IPC if you have any concerns about our privacy practices.

This Privacy Statement was last updated on September 28, 2010.